Quick Immune Adjuvant

Adjuvants play a crucial role in the Immunization of animals. The purpose of using adjuvants is to enhance the immune effect of antigens or immunogens. It has led to the emergence of a new generation of adjuvants to speed up the development of precise response, reduce the requisite dose of antigen, and increase the absorption of specific antibodies in serum. The quick immune adjuvant is one of the new adjuvants, which is also called Quick Antibody adjuvant, designed specially designed to prepare monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies in mice. It is also referred to as a Quick Antibody adjuvant.

Quick Immune Adjuvant

The quick immune adjuvant is a new adjuvant, which is capable of accelerating the process more quickly than the traditional Freund’s adjuvants. This proprietary novel adjuvant plays a vital role in biological research for producing specific antibodies, including commercial neutralizing antibodies. Quick immune adjuvant has many unique features compared to those of traditional Freund’s adjuvants. Some of the notable features of this novel adjuvant include:

  • The process requires less dosage of antigens
  • Higher antibody titers
  • Quick antibody induction
  • Higher antibody affinity
  • No epitope competition from other proteins
  • Does not ruin natural antigen conformation

Above all, the Quick immune adjuvant is easy and safe to use.

The major benefit of using Quick immune adjuvant is that it is capable of accelerating the response strongly. It is also capable of increasing the specific antibody titer as well as enhancing the immunogenicity of poor antigens. The adjuvant accomplishes all these feats, as it needs the use of considerably less protein. It is a proven new type of adjuvant, which has been checked and used in many custom antibody projects. It is highly helpful to all groups, which produce antibodies or hybridomas.

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