Silica membrane-based Maxi spin column

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Product name: maxi spin column, Cat: CYADL50

Product name: Silica membrane-based Maxi spin column

Feedback from one of our customers:

We pretty much completed testing the columns. Based on our experience testing many columns from different manufacturers, all columns in general work for all assays. The 2 areas in which they are mostly different are (1) the amount of DNA they can bind, (2) their physical aspects (do they look good, does membrane collapses after spinning). We are satisfied with the physical aspects, so we were comparing the binding capacity. We were using sheared salmon sperm DNA for this.

Your maxi spin columns are very nice, they have very high binding capacity. We are actually running more experiments with higher amounts of DNA to get the curve fully saturated (I will send you updated data). This binding is higher than what we observed for other columns previously. We will be definitely using your columns in the future. CY refers to Changyubio.


  1. Silica membrane-based maxi spin column for DNA/RNA extraction;
  2. 20 layers of membranes for 100% quality guaranteed;
  3. High qualify for DNA/RNA purification and can deal with maxi 50ml samples;
  4. Unique Flat-Bottom-Basket design ensuring no liquid residue;
  5. Most popular maxi spin columns in UAS and Canada market;

If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know:, thanks.


50ml volume

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