RNAfixer Stabilization Solution


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Product Storage and Stability:

The transparent liquid can be stored at room temperature (18-25°C) for 12 months. If precipitation or separation is observed when using the product, it can be heated at 37°C to dissolve it before use, without affecting the quality of the product.

Product Introduction:

Suitable for animal tissues (heart, liver, kidney, muscle, testis, brain, spleen, etc.), cultured cells, RNA viruses, fruit flies, bacteria, leukocytes, whole blood, and some plant tissues, etc.

RNAfixer is an aqueous and non-toxic tissue preservation solution that can quickly penetrate the cytoplasm of fresh tissue cells, stabilizing and protecting the RNA in situ in a non-frozen state. Immersion of tissue sections in RNAfixer immediately after removal does not affect the quality and quantity of RNA extraction in the future. RNAfixer eliminates the inconvenience of immediate processing or liquid nitrogen preservation of RNA samples. After immersion in RNAfixer, RNA in fresh tissue cells can be well preserved at 37°C for one day, one week at 25°C, one month at 4°C, and long-term preservation at -20°C or -80°C. RNA virus samples (such as HCV and HIV) can be stored at 37°C for one month.

Product Features:

  1. Easy operation: Simply cut the tissue into appropriate sizes and immerse it in RNAfixer to prevent RNA degradation.
  2. No need for liquid nitrogen: Sample preservation does not require liquid nitrogen, dry ice, or -80°C freezers, making it especially suitable for rapid and large-scale collection of clinical and field samples.
  3. Convenient transportation: Processed samples can be stored at 25°C for one week, making sample shipping and transportation easy and cost-effective, facilitating academic collaborations and exchanges.
  4. Multiple freeze-thaw cycles: Samples treated with RNAfixer can be repeatedly frozen and thawed, and various treatments can be performed on the samples during this period without affecting the quality of the RNA extracted at the end.
  5. Strong comparability: RNAfixer can reduce errors in large-scale sample processing, increase the comparability between multiple experiments, and is especially useful for the analysis of large-scale gene expression profiles.
  6. Wide compatibility: Various total RNA extraction reagents can be used to extract RNA from samples stored in RNAfixer. It can also be used directly for tissue sections, immunology, and flow cytometry analysis without affecting the quality of RNA extraction.

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