CYA8 FastHiFi PCR Master Mix


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2×CYA8 FastHiFi PCR Master Mix CYPC8201 CYPC8202
1ml 5ml

Store: -20°C, 2 years

Product Description

The kit contains CYA8 FastHiFi DNA Polymerase, dNTPs and optimized reaction buffer at a concentration of 2x. Before reaction, DNA/cDNA template, specific primer, and ddH2O should be prepared to mix the final concentration of 1×.

A8 is from the genetic engineering modification Pfu, which can greatly improve the amplification rate, fidelity and yield. So A8 Mix is the preferred product for non-long fragments ultra-fidelity fast amplification.

The Mix contains red tracer dye for quicker electrophoresis. And the PCR amplification products are with blunt end, which can be directly employed to the clone reaction with our pTOPO vector. Of course, after purified, the amplification products also can be used for other follow-up experiment, such as digestion, ligation and fluorescence sequencing.

Product Features

1.Fast amplification: 2-4kb/min, up to 4-8 times of Pfu;

2.High Yield: Up to 1.5-2 times of traditional Pfu;

3.Super Fidelity: Up to 54 times of traditional Taq;

4.With complex genomic DNA as template for the amplification of not more than 3kb of the product, with simple genome, plasmid and phage DNA as a template for the amplification of not more than 6kb of the product.

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1ml, 5ml

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