CHANGYU Plus DNA Mini Kit  ( Blood or Tissue)


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Kit Contents Storage  50 Preps


 100 Preps


Buffer TL RT 11 ml 22 ml
Buffer CB RT 11 ml 22 ml
Buffer IR RT 25 ml 50 ml
Buffer WB RT 15 ml                                                                          25 ml
Add indicated ethanol before first use
Elution Buffer RT 15 ml 20 ml
Proteinase K

(20mg / ml)

–20 °C 20 mg x 1 tube 20 mg x 2 tubes
DNA Bind Columns RT 50 100

Note: Proteinase K is a lyophilizate. Centrifuge a few seconds and reconstitute with 1 ml distilled water, aliquot solution. Store at –20 °C. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

All reagents, when store in indicated temperature, are stable for 9 months.


Cells are lysed during a short incubation with Proteinase K in the presence of a chaotropic salt (guanidine-HCl), which immediately inactivates all nucleases. Cellular nucleic acids (NA) bind selectively to special silicon membrane pre-packed in the spin columns. Bound NA is purified in a series of rapid “wash-and-spin” steps to remove contaminating cellular components. A special Inhibitor Removal Buffer (Buffer IR) has been included which allows even the application of heparinized sample material with 100 U/ml of Heparin. Finally, low salt elution releases the NA from the silicon membrane. This simple method eliminates the need for organic solvent extractions and DNA precipitation, allowing for rapid purification of many samples simultaneously.


  1. No toxic phenol or chloroform is used.
  2. Organic extractions or ethanol precipitation is not required.
  3. Multipurpose and one kit for a variety of sample materials.
  4. Optimized protocols allow for fast and easy extraction of DNA.

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100 applications , 50 applications 

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